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Tailspins Way To Go!
Teams Competing:
Reg 2 Division - Feel the Blast
Katch, NV, Gunner, Cinch,
Skyler, Tantrum

Open 1 Division – Feel the
Nugget, Harley, Skye, Fuse,
Daphne, Maxx

Open 2 Division – Feel the
Maui, Jenny, Breeze, Zephyr,
Gunner and Mia

Singles running Friday:
Suey, Daphne, Ariel, Mia,
Tantrum and Zooka
Pairs running Friday: Skyler
and Jenny

Friday: Singles – Mia won
Fastest Time
Friday: Pairs - Skyler and
Jenny – won First Place
Saturday: First Place
Feel the Blast
Third Place – Feel the Power
Tail End – Feel the Heat

First Place – Feel the Heat
First Place – Feel the Power

Titles Earned:
Nugget FMX 10,000
Maxx FDCH-S 1,000
Katch This FDCH-S 1,000

Points Earned
Gunner: 1,111
Harley: 923
Nugget: 923|
Fuse: 898
Breeze: 868
Jenny: 868
Katch: 826
Cinch: 826
NV: 826
Skye: 761
Maui: 743
Zephyr: 558
Maxx: 162
Mia: 75
Boomer: 50
Skyler: 25
Tantrum 25

Fast Runs for the weekend:

Feel the Heat – 19.308
Feel the Blast – 19.521
Feel the Power – 20.548

Skelton Crew – only a very
few stats were taken:
NV 3.904
Nugget 4.200
Fuse 4.374
*Skyler 4.494
Maui 4.509
Harley 4.930
Boomer 4.966
Breeze 4.989
Katch 5.221
Gunner 5.276
Skye 5.302
Tantrum 5.342
Jenny 5.381
Cinch 6.271
Maxx 7.491
Zephyr 7.918

*Note: This is Skyler’s new
personal best (previous fast
time was 4.536)
First of all I want to thank everyone that was
able to come and join Tailspins in Truckee.
We enjoyed having some members of
Zip Wag Zoom and Santa Barbara Supersonics
join us for this tournament.

Tailspins members for this tournament were as
Linda with NV and Mia
Sandy with Jenny, Nugget and Katch
Pam with Maxx, Ariel, Cinch and Daphne
Robbin with Sue, Gunner, Skyler and Zephyr
Jennie & Kyle of Zip Wag Zoom with Harley,
Breeze, Zooka and Maui
Loren & Steve of Santa Barbara Supersonics
with Fuse and Tantrum
Susan Black of Santa Barbara Supersonics with
Skye and Boomer
The weather was a tad too hot at times, but
other than that it was a great venue. Once
again, I was very proud of our Tailspins Teams.
Having two rings worked out great as both days
we were done by early afternoon - Sunday we
were done shortly after 3:00 p.m.

I want to thank Robbin for being our bus driver.
If she wasn’t going to drive for us, we wouldn’t
have gone. Thanks to Sandy for relieving
Robbin - Truckee was such a long drive – with
our potty stops for people and dogs and gas
stops and road construction, it took us about 8
hours going there and coming home.

a “name”. So we decided to call “him”
Robbin and Sandy were supposed to share a
room, but Robbin ended up staying in the bus
with her dogs…just case I had thrown in a pillow
and a sleeping bag – so she was good to go.
We stayed over Sunday night and didn’t head
for home until Monday morning. We all needed
our rest. It was too long of a drive to make after
such a long, hot day.

A huge thank you goes to Pam for coming and
bringing all four of her dogs – even though she
had just broken her wrist and not feeling up to
par. Tailspins appreciates her dedication to the

All of the green dogs did great. Mia still wants to
go around jumps, so I still need to work with
her…but she ended on a good note by
successfully completing one heat. Daphne did
fantastic! Robbin’s green dogs, Skyler and Sue,
are coming along great. Boomer, Susan Black’s
dog, completed several heats, looking good.
Tantrum (Loren’s dog) was very entertaining -
Running and having a good time. Our
regular/solid dogs did a great job.