Born to Run
Hosted by Santa Barbara Supersonic's
Santa Barbara - June 2014
Fast Times

3.900 NV
4.240 Nugget
4.371 Katch
4.417 Mia *New PB
4.727 Jenny
4.738 Daphany *New PB
4.839 Tucker
4.933 Torino
5.439 Gunner
5.741 Schotzie
5.987 Suey
6.223 Smiley
6.303 Pebbles
6.649 Zephyr
7.076 Piper
Flyball Dog

Flyball Dog Excellent

Flyball Dog Champion

Flyball Dog Champion Gold
Katch This
Points for Sunday

480 Torino
441 Katch
441 NV
441 Schotzie
375 Daphany
375 Gunner
316 Piper
230 Nugget
230 Pebbles
200 Jenny
175 Mia
175 Suey
125 Zephyr
95 Tucker
85 Smiley
Points for Saturday

556 Katch
422 Daphany
340 NV
321 Gunner
302 Mia
282 Zephyr
265 Piper
240 Schotzie
175 Nugget
100 Suey
125 Pebbles
75 Jenny
60 Tucker
25 Smiley
Need For Speed
Regular Division
3rd Place
3rd Place
Multi Breed Division
3rd Place
Flaming Paws
Open Division
2nd Place

    Tailspins traveled to Santa Barbara for the Born To Run Flyball tournament hosted by Supersonics on the weekend of June 28 & 29, 2014.
    Tailspins had three teams competing both Saturday and Sunday. Linda, Sandy, their five dogs, my four Jacks, and I went down on Friday and
    spent some time enjoying ourselves at the on leash dog beach named Arroyo Burro Beach County Park.

    We had the pleasure of having Pam’s daughter, Heather, & her family, Larry, Jaylene, Kylee, and LJ and their four legged family members
    Magnum & Rider join us for the weekend. Pam was excited about meeting her new dog, a black n tan male Doberman named Duke who was
    brought to her at the tournament.

    Rachel and her Giant Schnauzer Tory came to the tournament site midmorning on Saturday and brought the most delicious box of tree ripened
    fruit & Strawberries. Rachel really out did herself this time by making some chocolate covered Strawberries for the team. When Rachel is
    able to join us at tournaments she is the one who does our stats, and on the stat sheets Rachel shares her artistic talent with us by including
    her “doggie drawings” on them.  

    It was nice to see Sharon’s husband Ted at the Tournament.

    For Piper, Tucker, & Smiley, this was their first tournament sanctioned by NAFA. As often happens with green dogs they experienced a few
    hiccups over the course of the weekend. Thankfully we have three Veteran dogs, Jenny, Gunner, & Zephyr who stepped up to the plate and
    finished their races.

    On Sunday we were joined by our teammate Victoria, & her sister, Dd, who brought Victoria’s new puppy “Bugs” and Torino.

    On Sunday our team Flaming placed second overall and our teams, Need For Speed and Rebels both placed third in their divisions.

    The weather in Santa Barbara was really warm on Saturday and seemed rather humid Sunday morning but in the afternoon a nice breeze came
    up and that made some pretty nice weather to race in.

    One of our dogs reached a long awaited milestone, and our green dogs earned the first of many titles to come, and the weekend was spent
    with good friends and great dogs.
Flyball Master Excellent
(10,000 points)

Flyball Dog Excellent