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Tailspins Way To Go!
Jenny – Flyball Dog Master
Venice – Flyball Dog Master
Phoebe - Flyball Dog
Champion – Gold
Torino - Flyball Dog
Champion – Gold
Spooky – Flyball Dog
Champion – Silver
Pixel – Flyball Dog Champion
– Silver
Gypsy - FD FDX FDCh
(Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog
Excellent and Flyball Dog
Katch – FDCh (Flyball Dog
Mia – FD FDX (Flyball Dog
and Flyball Dog Excellent

Note: Points needed to earn
Flyball Dog: 20 points
Flyball Dog Excellent: 100
Flyball Dog Champion: 500
Flyball Dog Champion-Silver:
1,000 points
Flyball Dog Champion-Gold:
2,500 points
Flyball Dog Master: 5,000

All six teams placed!
Won flyball magnets for our

Open Division I - FIRST
PLACE: Hot to Trot
Nugget; Cinch; Fossil; Pixel;
Berlin; Zephyr (Box Loader:

Open Division 2 – FIRST
PLACE: Tailwind
Raster; Sassy; Pebbles;
Venice; Plato; Skyler (Box
Loader: Linda)

Open Division I - SECOND
PLACE: Time Bomb
Diesel; Gypsy; Nemo; King;
Kona; Skyler (Box Loader:

Multi Division I - THIRD
PLACE: Hap-e-Dogs
Spooky; Torino; Eddy;
Phoebe; Isis, Gunner (Box
Loader: Candis)

Reg Division 3- THIRD PLACE
– Run n’ ing Wild
Kelsy; Jenny; Gunner;
Diesel; Mia; Maxx (Box
Loader: Victoria)

Reg Division 1- THIRD
PLACE: Rebels
Tantrum, Nugget (Box
Loader: Robbin)

Four out of six teams placed!
Won Nice Medallions

Open Division I - FIRST
PLACE: Time Bombs
Nevada; Kelsy; Nemo;
Venice; Plato and Isis (Box
Loader: Dylan)

Regular Divison I – SECOND
PLACE: Rebels
Jesse; London; NV; Katch;
Tantrum; Daphne (Box
Loader: Robbin)

Open Division 2 – SECOND
PLACE: Tailwind
Raster; Sassy; Kona;
Zephyr; King; Phoebe (Box
Loader: Linda)

Regular Division 3 – THIRD
PLACE: Hap-e-Dogs
Spooky; Diesel; Eddy;
Phoebe; Nugget; Skyler (Box
Loader – Candis)

Points Earned

Sat Sun
315 Spooky 346 Diesel
315 Torino 316 Phoebe
260 Eddy 296 Spooky
315 Phoebe 271 Eddy
55 Isis 125 Nugget
0 Gunner 30 Skyler

Hot to Trot
446 Nugget 346 Nugget
446 Cinch 346 Cinch
231 Fossil 271 Pixel
231 Pixel 190 Fossil
215 Berlin 156 Berlin
215 Zephyr 75 Gunner

330 Jesse 440 Jesse
330 NV 440 NV
330 Katch 440 Katch
305 London 435 London
25 Tantrum 5 Tantrum
0 Nugget 0 Daphne

Run n' ing Wild
307 Kelsy 230 Jenny
307 Jenny 230 Gunner
307 Gunner 230 Gypsy
100 Diesel 205 Sassy
75 Mia 25 Mia
132 Maxx 0 Maxx

536 Raster 370 Raster
536 Sassy 370 Sassy
536 Pebbles 245 Zephyr
331 Venice 210 King
205 Plato 160 Kona
0 Skyler 125 Phoebe

Time Bomb
325 Diesel 476 Nevada
325 Gypsy 476 Kelsy
275 Nemo 476 Nemo
175 King 351 Venice
150 Kona 125 Plato
50 Skyler 0 Isis

Fast Runs for the weekend:
3.96 NV
4.20 Nevada
4.28 Raster
4.29 Katch
4.31 Jesse
4.35 Nugget
4.53 London
4.54 King
4.61 Kelsy
4.62 Kona
4.67 Jenny
4.67 Mia
4.74 Gunner
4.79 Tantrum
4.80 Cinch
4.81 Diesel
4.90 Spooky
4.90 Sassy
4.91 Torino
5.07 Venice
5.12 Plato
5.17 Nemo
5.24 Berlin
5.35 Gypsy
5.37 Fossil
5.57 Phoebe
5.84 Eddy
6.32 Skyler
6.32 Pebbles
6.50 Zephyr
6.50 Pixel
6.51 Isis
7.14 Maxx

We had some great races -
Lots of fun – Good Team Work
Way to go TAILSPINS!
from our original lineup, so she had to round up
a height dog from another club. Sue of INXS
Flyball said she would run her dog, Nemo, with
us. That helped out tremendously, so a big
thank you goes to her!

Thanks to Jennifer’s guys, Connor, Dylan and
Kris. They all helped out when and wherever we
needed them, which was a lot – running six

Oh, and the cupcakes that Sara made for
Candis (and shared with us) were to die for. I
honestly don’t think I have ever tasted better
cupcakes. Thank you Sara for letting us share…

Thanks goes to Eddy for transporting four extra
canopies for us. So we had plenty of shade for
our dogs and ourselves.

Thanks goes to Kris for taking the extra
canopies back to Bakersfield and delivering
them back to me – and thanks for transporting
my new “directors chair” that I won in the
opportunity drawing. Sandy wouldn’t have been
able to shove it in the back of her truck – it was
packed to it’s limit.

Thanks to Sandy for loading all of our flyball
equipment and some of our personal stuff in her
pickup – she did a great job fitting everything
in. That was not an easy task and I really
appreciated her time and effort.

Linda Watson