Oh My Gosh, where do I start?  What a special tournament.
                                     We had so many “first’s”…

1.  This was the first time that Tailspins ran “3” teams with only original Tailspins Team Members!
2.  This was the first time “all” of our teams competing placed first in their divisions
3.  This was Cristy and Molly’s first Flyball Tournament
4.  This was the first time for Newman and Justice to come visit a Tailspins Flyball Tournament
5.  This was the first time we didn’t have to “pull” dogs for some type of issue –
     so our lines up were 1,2,3,4 the entire tournament
6.  This was the first time a couple of our teams eliminated themselves from points and awards by running too good
7.  Schotzie had the longest qualifying run ever when he lost his ball
8.  Tuckers first time as a “start” dog
9.  Torino and Nugget had the closest passes without red lighting
10.  Pebbles was there to save Sharon’s passes - lol
11.  Katch only left the ring once to retrieve his ball from under a vehicle
12.  Nugget knocked down the most jumps ever

We had three teams competing – all teams placed first!
           Will Work for Turkey – NV, Nugget, Jenny, Schotzie
           Mash PAWtatoes – Mia, Pebbles, Cinch, Toriono
           Pumpkin Chuckin – Tucker, Phoebe, Katch, Piper

Team Fast Times
       Will work for Turkey   19.458
       Mash PAWtatoes       20.896
       Pumpkin Chuckin      22.758
Best Start Times
       .030 NV/Linda
       .040 Mia /Linda
       .042 Tucker/Bonita
Fast Times
       4.123 NV
       4.303 Katch
       4.427 Nugget
       4.556 Mia
       4.690 Tucker     New Personal Best
       4.736 Cinch
       4.737 Torino
       5.026 Jenny
       5.263 Schotzie   New Personal Best
       5.440 Phoebe
       6.058 Pebbles
       6.137 Piper
Titles Earned:
       Top Flight Premier II - Cinch
       Top Flight Premier II – Nugget
       Top Fight Executive III - Phoebe
       Top Flight Executive I - Pebbles
       Top Flight Executive – Mia
       Top Flight Executive – Piper
       Top Flight III – Schotzie

Thank you Sandy for figuring out all of lineups and seed times.  That was quite a job and you did a fantastic job!  

Thanks to Rachel for doing our STATS for us.  She is the STAT Queen.  She does such a good job and we all love her
little doodles she makes on the STAT sheets.  So glad she and Tory were able to come.

Thanks to all my teammates that were able to come and help make this such a successful event for us.  We missed some of
our regulars and hope they can come next time.

Thanks to my teammates for bringing great snacks and food.  We had lots of goodies.

The weather was just a little chilly, but for the most part – very pleasant weather

We had several teammates that won lots of good things from the raffle.  I am sure Leap of Faith appreciates all that we
donated to their cause.  They are a small club and this money really helps them offset their expenses.    

We all had such a wonderful time.  Great teamwork – all got along fine – no drama….nice and relaxed and very enjoyable.  

Again I want to thank each and every one of you for coming and supporting “TAILSPINS”!

I am so proud of all of you and your dogs.   Looking forward to our next tournament.

                                                                                                                                       Linda Watson
Post Notes for Madera – November 2014
Leap of Faith - Still Running
Pumkin Chuckin
2nd Place
All 3 Teams Placed
Linda after all three
teams taking 1st Place!