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Katch This
Still Running!
Hosted by Leap of Faith
Madera - November 2013
Black Eyed Fleas
Ticked Off
We had so much fun.   We did miss some of our teammates as
they helped/participated in KCA’s agility trial here in

Thank you to Robbin for getting all of our flyball equipment to
and from Madera and for bringing and running Katch for
Sandy.  Much appreciated.  And thank you to Tom and Pam for
taking Katch home.   

Thank you Susan for helping me get our equipment moved and
set up for our races.   Thanks to all my teammates for coming
and for staying and helping with the teardown.   Thanks to
Victoria for staying and helping with tie downs for our

I took Nugget, Sandy’s dog, and ran him all weekend….he is
such a good boy.  I wasn’t sure how he would do without
Sandy there.  I’m sure he missed her, but he ran perfect for
me.  Thanks to Jan for helping me with getting the ball out of
Nugget’s mouth in between heats.   

I also had the experience of running Gunner a few heats….
now that was an experience, but a fun one.  He is a real go
getter.  His poor paw did start to bleed a little, so I did get
anointed with a little blood on my shirt…so as they say, it isn’t
flyball without a little blood….lol.

We were happy to have Megan and Piper join us for their
first flyball tournament experience.  Although Piper was too
young to race this time …. will be READY for our next one!   
Megan did an outstanding job of boxing for the first time and
shagging.  Megan and Piper are definitely assets to our club
and so glad to have them as part of our flyball family.

Tom had to shag for two teams on Saturday.  He shagged for
us for almost the entire day.  We only had to shag a few of
our own heats.  So a huge thank you goes to Tom!  Pam ran
Daphany full time and Cinch full time – Maxx and Ariel both in
singles…so she had a pretty busy day too.   

It was good to have Victoria and Torino join us on Sunday.  I
didn’t see it, but I heard Torino took out a jump, but it didn’t
slow her down any or bother her – she just kept on truck’n.   

We had some great heat races.  Although one heat race, I
think we had a record for the longest run time with a win.  I
think it was about 83 seconds…but we won because the other
team kept having to re-run too.   

Here are the titles and certificates we earned over the

Both Saturday and Sunday  Smiley received Certificates of
Pre Flight Participation

Katch – Top Flight Executive

Phoebe – Top Flight Executive II

Spirit – Top Flight III

Suey – Top Flight I

Zephyr – Top Flight III

Spirit also received her SINGLES Title and on Sunday Spirit
was the fastest    single run of the day.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Way to go Tailspins.

Rachel, we missed you!  But Robbin stepped up to the plate
and did a few sketches on the few Stats we were able to get.  
Thanks to Susan and Robbin for taking some stats for us.  We
didn’t have a full crew this time so we weren’t’ able to get our
usual stats.     

Run Times – we didn’t get our total times on majority of our
runs, but Robbin did jot down a few single runs:  Sky –
4.948    Suey – 5.660    Spirit – 4.809   Maxx – 7.452    Ariel -
7.171  again these may not be their fast times of the
weekend…. Teams and Team Placements:  Saturday – Black
Eyed Fleas  NV, Cinch, Gunner, Spirit, Katch and Skyler   
Placed 3rd in Standard 1 Division   (Four Teams in this
division, and one was a pick up team)  Box Loader was Susan

Sunday – Black Eyed Fleas  NV, Cinch, Gunner, Spirit, Katch
and Skyler  Placed 3rd in Standard 1 Division  (Five Teams in
this division, and one was a pick up team)  Box Loader was

Note:  This is the top division and we had some pretty good
teams to run against – so I am very happy with our results.

Saturday – Ticked Off  Daphany, Nugget, Sue, Phoebe,
Zephyr and Maxx  Placed 2nd in Standard Division 3  (Three
Teams in this division)  Box Loader was Jan

Sunday – Ticked Off  Daphany, Nugget, Torino, Phoebe,
Zephyr and Suey  Placed 2nd in Standard Division 3  (Three
Teams in this division)  Box Loader was Megan

Again, it was such a wonderful weekend!  We learned some
things we need to work on and had some really good clean
races.  Entertainment was provided by Robbin and Skyler.  We
were all laughing so hard.  Robbin we weren’t laughing “at”
you, we were laughing “with” you…

We missed having Sandy, our coach, and several of our other
regular team members.  We hope next time our full crew will
be able to participate.   

Looking forward to our next tournament!   

Linda Watson