Chills, Trills, and No Frills
Hosted by Leap of Faith
Madera - March 2015

    Post Notes:
    Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does!
    We had an absolutely great time at the Leap of Faith Flyball Tournament.

    We ran two teams on Saturday and one team on Sunday.

    Shimmering Shamrocks - Standard
           Mia, Katch, Nugget, Pebbles, Phoebe and Schotzie
    Rainbow Runners - variety
           Tucker, Katch, Schotzie, Phoebe, Pebbles and Nugget

    Shimmering Shamrocks – Standard
           Mia, Nugget, Tucker, Schotzie, Katch and Molly (warm up)

    Saturday & Sunday Shimmering Shamrocks placed first in their Division
    Saturday Rainbow Runners placed third.
    We won nice ribbons for our placements.  

    Saturday & Sunday both Molly and Lightning ran in Preflight.  They both did great.  Molly is ready for “Singles”
    next time!  This was Lightning’s first preflight and I think she did great.  She is coming along very nicely.  
    Sunday, we tried putting Katch in the next lane with Lightning…lol….she isn’t quite ready for that yet.  

    Molly and Lightning received very nice participation Preflight certificates.

    Cristy was supposed to run Phoebe, but when Phoebe got to the box and saw me…she wanted to stop and say hi.  
    So we were fortunate that Sherry and Brittney  from Mutts & Motion boxed for that team for us, so I could run
    Phoebe.  Phoebe ran for me ok at first, but then she decided she had had enough and didn’t want to go over the
    jumps to the box.  Our backup dog was Pebbles…problem being Sharon was running Schotzie.  Well, we had  to
    give it a try and I ran Pebbles.  We weren’t sure she would let me run her.  She was confused at first, but she
    got the idea and ran great for me.  I had such a fun time running her.  She is such a sweetheart.  Pebbles –
    double ran – she ran on her own team and ran for Phoebe on the other team.  Way to go Pebbles!
    Mia and I got a perfect start time:  !  I am going to get me a Perfect Start t-Shirt now!
    Bonita got caught flashing, but not before she got some great photos for her new friends she met at the
    tournament – Linda and Charlie from Las Vegas.  Their dog was a border whippet – singles ran a 3.8!
    Katch, Nugget, Schotzie, Tucker & Phoebe ran great.  

    Thanks everyone for chipping in and bringing food to share.  
    Bonita – thanks for the Starbuck drinks, they hit the spot.  

    Thank you Cristy for treating our team to Friday Night’s dinner.  Enjoyed relaxing and chatting with our team.    
    I enjoyed treating our team to dinner Saturday night at Denny’s.
    We all saved room for dessert, except for Bonita…lol  
    Good Food – Good Friends.

    We were so sorry that Shirley got sick.  Her family came and got her Saturday morning so she could go the
    doctor.  We truly missed her and Gypsy.   Wishing for a full recovery very soon.

    Thanks again Teammates for another successful fun tournament!  

    Looking forward to Mutts N Motions tournament coming up in April.

    ~Linda Watson~

    Above is a picture of our winning team on Sunday,
    Shimmering Shamrocks.
    Sorry we didn’t get our fantastic box loader in the picture –
    she was taking the picture – thank you Cristy!
    Katch 7,000 points
    Top Flight Executive-III

    Katch          785
    Mia             505
    Nugget       505
    Pebbles      640
    Phoebe       145
    Schotzie    280
    Tucker       280

    Mia 4,000 points
    Top Flight Executive-I

    Tucker 2,500 points
    Top Flight Executive

    Katch           80
    Mia            585
    Nugget      505
    Schotzie    585
    Tucker       585