No Frills Flyball Tournament!
Hosted by Leap of Faith     Madera - March 2014
Post Notes for No Frills flyball Tournament
Leap of Faith – Madera – March 15 & 16, 2014

What a wonderful weekend of flyball!

A huge thank you to all those that were able to participate, team work is what
it is all about and we certainly had that this weekend!

Ariel and Maxx ran pairs on Saturday. Pam is retiring both Ariel and Maxx
from flyball, so this weekend was their last tournament.  So they are
officially on the “inactive” list for Tailspins.   We will always remember them
with fond memories.  I will remember Ariel as the little princess that only ran
when “she” wanted to.  Maxx I will always remember the time he just stopped
and rolled in the middle of his run…it was so funny at the time.  

Daphany did great as our start dog on the Variety Team.  Pam tried to wear
her out with all those “red” lights, but she was a trooper and gave it her best.  

Gunner was so consistent.  He is one great height dog and we are lucky to
have him as part of our team.  

Jenny ran her little heart out.   She ran on team and also ran pairs with Piper.  

Katch, Nugget and NV ran strong all weekend.

Sandy gave Shirley a bad time about Kelsy.  Sandy told Shirley that because
Kelsy was one of our start dogs she had to get a .000 start time.  Well, she
almost made it, she got a .008 start time.

I was so proud of my Mia.  Saturday was her first tournament that she
actually ran full time with nice clean runs – meaning she didn’t go around “jump
#5”!  I think she finally saw the light and knows now what she is supposed to
do.  Oh, I almost forgot – Mia and I got two starting times in row of:   0.00l  

Michelle and Paris joined us on Saturday.  Thank you Michelle for helping us
out.  Paris also ran strong all day.  

Pebbles brought her new brother out to watch how it’s done.
Schotzie looks like he loves to get out there and play flyball!

Susan was not able to join us this time, but she let me bring Phoebe along.
Megan ran her Saturday and I ran her on Sunday.  It is fantastic that Phoebe
will run for someone other than Susan.  That’s a great asset in flyball.  

On Saturday Piper ran pairs with Jenny and on Sunday she ran pairs with
Torino.   We think Jenny & Piper beat Torino and Piper.  On Sunday Piper also
ran on a team for the very first time, and earned her Top Flight Title.  
Congratulations Megan and Piper!

Skyler was a good boy this weekend.  He showed Robbin that he is beginning
to put all the pieces together in the right order.  A perfect example is the
fact that he only double ran himself in a couple of heats over the weekend.   

LOF Madera was Smiley’s second tournament and she ran singles.  She is on
the team line up for our upcoming tournament in Fresno next month, and we
are looking forward to seeing her team debut.  Smiley will be 8 yrs old this
May so she’s starting at an older age than most dogs do but if you pay
attention to her tail, it’s a good indicator of how much she loves the game of
flyball. There are dogs that are still running flyball that are in their teens…so
Smiley has lots of time left to play flyball.

Due to an injury Spirit was not able to race Saturday, but she was able to join
us on Sunday and did a great job.  Take care of her RR leg Jan.  We want
Spirit to be able to run again next winter.

Ramona was Suey’s first tournament and she ran on a team for the first time
out and has run on a team at every tournament since then.   Good job Suey!

Torino ran with us on Sunday, and it was a good thing she didn’t run on
Saturday because Richard’s race car team was out there making some
noise…and we all know how Torino feels about those loud popping cars.

This was Tucker’s and Bonita’s very first experience at a flyball tournament.  
They both did fantastic!  Tucker ran singles, and on Saturday he received an
award for the fastest singles run time.  Way to go Tucker!   Tucker was put
on a team line-up and scheduled to do “warm-ups” but when those noisy race
cars started up, Pebbles didn’t want to run anymore; so Tucker was thrown
into the team line-up and Bonita about had a heart attack…lol.   But Tucker
stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.  He did absolutely wonderful, and
earned his Top Flight Title!

Cinch and Zephyr took it easy this weekend.  Cinch had an injury.  On
Saturday Zephyr had a ”Terrier moment” and on Sunday he gave up his place
in the team line up so that some of the green dogs would have the opportunity
to run on a team and possibly earn a title.

I want to give Sandy a pat on the back for all her hard work on trying to
figure out our line ups.  After we had turned in our entries with our seed
times, we had to pull three dogs out due to injuries.  It wasn’t easy, but Sandy
figured it all out and everything seemed to run pretty smoothly.  

At the awards it was announced that Shimmering Shamrocks placed 1st – but
because we “broke out” three times we couldn’t receive an award.  But we had
already given out our awards and most team members had already left, so we
got to keep our toys for our dogs.  Because we lost dogs that were in our
original lineups we had to change dogs around and this team ended up with
dogs that were faster than our entry seed time.  

Points Earned

“Pending” There are some errors on the point sheets, so I will post points
earned after I get the official scores from U-Fli.  So we may have more titles
to announce…

Overall it was a fantastic weekend.  We all had such fun.  

                                          Linda Watson
All three of our teams placed second in our divisions.
Shimmering Shamrocks
 Kelsy, Katch, NV, Gunner, Piper and Daphany
Lucky Charmers
 Mia, Jenny, Schotzie, Sue, Phoebe and Nugget
Rainbow Runners
 Daphany, Nugget, Paris, Pebbles, Zephyr, and Tucker

Rainbow Runners placed third
Daphany, Katch, Torino, Phoebe, Zephyr and Gunner

This was Bonita Sunday after the tournament.   
She wanted to go to Starbucks.   
Just kidding, we went to Starbucks because we wanted to
make sure our driver stayed awake for her long home.
Fast Times:

3.849        NV
4.272        Nugget
4.382        Katch
4.426        Mia
4.568        Paris
4.656        Daphany
4.697        Kelsy
4.863        Spirit
5.118        Torino
5.136        Jenny
5.313        Gunner
5.539        Tucker
5.571        Schotzie
5.589        Phoebe
5.927        Sue
6.237        Pebbles
7.212        Piper
Mia ran her personal
best.  Piper and Tucker
ran their first team
race for their personal
best times.
   Titles Earned this weekend:

  Daphany     Top Flight Executive
  Katch         Top Flight Executive – I
  Mia            Top Flight II & III
  NV             Top Flight Executive – III
  Piper          Top Flight
  Nugget       Top Flight Premier – I
  Schotzie     Top Flight – I
  Tucker        Top Flight