1st Place Both Days!
Congratulations on Placements!

Shimmering Shamrocks placed
1st on both days!

Lucky Charmers placed
3rd place on Sat and
2nd place on Sun

Rainbow Runners placed
3rd on Sat and 3rd on Sun

Titles Earned:
Gypsy: Top Flight
Katch: Top Flight and TF-1
Maxx: TF-1
Remi: Top Flight and TF-1
and TF-II
Spooky: TF-1 and TF-II
and TF-III
NV: Top Flight Executive
Pebbles: Top Flight Executive
Phoebe: Top Flight Executive
Sooky: Top Flight Executive
Kelsy: TFE-1

Fast Times:
3.860 NV
4.126 Nugget
4.462 Katch
4.570 Kelsy
4.623 Spirit
4.731 Jenny
4.789 Cinch
4.795 Sooky
4.805 Spooky
5.014 Gypsy
5.824 Phoebe
5.853 Pebbles
6.030 Remi
6.565 Maxx

Team best times:
Rainbow Runners: 18.883
Shimmering Shamrocks: 21.913
Lucky Charmers: 20.422

Two Perfect Starts:

Mia – Received Certificate for
her participation in Pre-Flight
Mia ran her first singles and
ran for the first time on a team
earning 40 points!

Spirit placed 2nd in Singles on
Sunday with a fast time of
4.409! She needs one more
tournament for her Singles title!
Maybe in the fall we can finish it!
– March 2013

What a wonderful weekend. Thanks to those
Tailspin team members that helped out Zig Wag fun
hanging out with Candis, JJ, Jennie, Kyle and
Hanah. We had some great food! Yum…plenty of
good food, drink, and good clean fun. Thanks to
Terry for doing a Starbucks run for us…it was much
needed and appreciated! The weather was perfect.
Thanks Terry for taking some great pictures. I
think we all worked very well as a “team”. Thanks to
everyone for all your help and support this
weekend. I was very proud of our group. We have
come such a long way. Looking forward to more fun
times ahead.
Madera ~ Leap of Faith
"Thrills, Chills NO Frills"
March 16 & 17, 2013