Racing Away
   from the Bay
       Hosted by Bay Racers        Lindsey - March 2016
                                                           Post Notes for Lindsay
Titles Earned:
     Both Schotzie and Mia earned their FDCh-G – Flyball Dog Champion – Gold
     Molly earned her Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog Excellent Title
Notes for titles:
      Pebbles needs 548 more points for her next title
     Phoebe needs 630 more points for her next title
     Tucker needs 522 more points for his next title
     Molly needs 220 more points for her next title

Total points earned for the weekend
     1,055 - Phoebe
     890 - Katch
     780 - Nugget, Schotzie, Tucker and Mia
     435 – Pebbles
     280 – Molly

Run Times
Teams were:
     Reg 2:   Sunset Sailors:  Mia, Katch, Pebbles, and Molly, (back up:  Nugget & Phoebe)
     Open 2:  Morning Mariners:  Nugget, Schotzie, Phoebe and Tucker (B/U:  Mia &  Katch)
Sat Times:
     21.282 – Morning Mariners
     22.795 – Sunset Sailors
Sun Times:
     21.758 Morning Mariners
     21.894 Sunset Sailors (21.244 – we broke out-ran too fast…lol)

Best Start times for weekend:
     0.004 – Katch
     0.007 – Mia
     0.129 – Tucker

Best Individual Run Times
     4.285 – Mia
     4.681 – Katch
     4.838 – Tucker
     4.923 – Nugget
     5.193 – Phoebe
     5.834 – Schotzie
     6.379 – Molly
     6.490 – Pebbles

     Morning Mariners – Came in third  out of four teams – won Bully Sticks
     Sunset Sailors – Came in last place out of four teams – but they won beer!

     Sunset Sailors – Came in 2nd place out of 5 teams – won Bully Sticks
     Morning Mariners – Tied for 2nd, but placed 3rd – won Bully Sticks

     Box Loader:  Kevin – was giving a lottery ticket for each day he boxed

     *** Note – Cristy got all the beer, lol ***

     As Sharon said:  WHAT  a weekend!   We did have our ups and downs, but as a “team” we made it through.

A huge Thank You goes to all my teammates.  I so appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you so much for coming to
Lindsay and participating in the tournament at the McDermont Field House in Lindsay.

Thanks to Susan for coming and bringing Phoebe.  Phoebe earned the most points!  She ran her little heart out.  When we
had to pull Pebbles, Phoebe had to step up to the plate and fill in for her, and she was already running full time on her
team.  She did a fantastic job.
And thanks also go to Katch, Nugget and Mia when they had to fill in for Molly.  Bless Molly’s heart, she had a rough
Saturday night, and just wasn’t up to racing Sunday.  

Katch was very entertaining.  On one of his runs, Mom forgot to take the ball out of his mouth and he ran down the lane
with a ball in his mouth, dropped that ball to grab the ball on the box, but then couldn’t decide which ball he wanted.  He
wanted both.  So mom had to come down the lane and help him out.
Cristy was so nice.  On Saturday she bought the whole team’s lunch.  Thank you!  That was really nice of her and we all
appreciated it.  

Thanks to Kevin for driving back and forth from Bakersfield to Lindsay, just to help us out by boxing for both of our
teams.  He didn’t even have a dog to run, but brought Ollie so he could join in on all the fun.  Ollie was really good.  So,
again, Kevin, thank you so much.

Congratulations on the new titles.  This was Molly’s first NAFA tournament and she earned two titles!

           Linda Watson