Racing Away from the Bay
Hosted by Bay Racers
Lindsey - March 2015

    Post notes for Lindsay
    March 8, 2015
    Host:  Bay Racers
    Bay Racers 2015 Race Away From The Bay
    Location:  McDermont Field House in Lindsay
                     365 N Sweetbriar Ave, Lindsay, CA  93247-2040

    This was the first time Tailspins only went for one day of a Tournament.  It was really a great venue.  There was lots of room in the large indoor
    soccer arena.   This facility, McDermont Field House, had it all.  Surfing; rock climbing; basket ball courts; fitness workout rooms; arcade; snack
    bars (corn dogs were delicious).  I have been to other indoor soccer arenas, and this was by far the best one.  Bay Racers did a fantastic job
    putting this tournament all together in such a short time.

    Wake up call Sunday morning at 3:00 a.m. – so we can be on the road by 4:30 a.m. – Check in Time 6:30 a.m. - Races starting at 7:30 a.m.  
    And to top that off it was “Spring Forward” time – we lost one hour.  But we all made it there and set up in plenty of time.

    Our team members were:  Linda, Sandy, Sharon, Bonita, Pam and Jan.
    I ran Mia and Phoebe; Sandy ran Katch (and tried to run Cinch…more on that later) Sharon ran Pebbles and Schotzie; Bonita ran Tucker and Nugget
    (Nugget like running for Bonita).  Pam ran Cinch and Jan shagged for us “all” day.

    There were a total of 60 races for the day.  We were all done racing by 4:30 p.m., packed up and home by 6:00 p.m.  That was nice going home in
    the daylight.

    We had one Regular team, Bakersfield Tailspins’ Blooming Bowsers – Mia, Katch, Nugget and Pebbles.  Tucker and Phoebe were backups – and
    Tucker did have to go in for Katch…more on that later.

    We had one Multibreed team, Bakersfield Tailspins’ Spring Bloomers – Tucker, Katch, Schotzie, Phoebe and Cinch.  Mia was back up on that team.
    Blooming Bowsers placed first and all the dogs won bully sticks.  Spring Bloomers came in last and all the handlers won Lottery Tickets.  Bonita won
    $10.00 and Sharon won $5 on theirs.

    Pam, thank you so much for coming and bringing Cinch and for Box Loading for both teams.  It is on a sad note, that this was Cinch’s last flyball
    tournament due to her bad knee.  She was a trooper and raced her little heart out.  We are going to miss Pam and Cinch.  Cinch is retiring with her
    top title of FGDCH – Flyball Grand Champion with over 30,000 points.  Way to go Cinch.
    Sandy tried to run Cinch one heat….but when Cinch got to the box, she saw Pam and wanted to stop and say hi…lol.  So Sandy had to switch out and
    let Pam run Cinch and she boxed.

    Sharon’s Pebbles and Schotzie raced great.  They both are nice solid racing height dogs.  We can depend on them to get their job done – and they
    have fun doing it!

    Mia did great also.  She never went around jumps – I feel more confident with her now.  

    Jan, thank you so much for coming to support our team.  Having you shag for us was a tremendous help.  Glad you brought Letty for some one-on-
    one time.  She was such a good girl.  I know you are very proud of her.

    Thank you Sandy for driving the bus.  Bonita and I appreciated that very much.  The bus may be old and noisy, but it sure fits our needs.

    Here are the points we earned for Sunday:      First Place 20.993             Forth Place 22.863
    Blooming Bowers                Spring Bloomers
    Mia              456                 Tucker        220
    Katch           406                 Katch          100
    Nugget         456                Schotzie     220
    Pebbles        456                 Phoebe       220
    Tucker           50                 Cinch           120

    Now for some highlights of the day…

    We had some pretty darn close races.  We won one race thanks to Eddy’s Spooky, he ran up towards the box, took a quick turn to the left and
    peed.  Lol.  We lost one race against four little mini Aussies…they were so cute.  Katch, well what can I say…he got off course a few times – ran
    around the jumps – so Tucker had to come to the rescue.  So after that we let Sandy and Katch use warm up time to get him back on track – and it
    worked.  He was ok after that.

    Bonita was concentrating so hard on Katch taking his jumps that she forgot to let Nugget go... whoops...and guess what?  We still won that race.  
    She kept saying "over,over,over" and then realized she hadn't let Nugget go…lol.

    I had taken Phoebe out several times to get her to do her duty, with no luck.  Well, after one our races (thank goodness we had already finished)
    we were walking out of the ring and she stopped and peed on the artificial turf.  Oh no!  But in her defenses – it did look like grass and outside in
    the potty area, there was no grass, just dirt, and apparently that didn’t suit her.  Lol.
    It was a great day of racing.

    A big thank you to all of my teammates who were able to come!

    Linda Watson