Flying Dogs
           Hosted by SoCal Frequent Flyers
           Lemoore - January 2015

What a wonderful weekend of flyball fun!
We got to see some great people on other teams, saw people who we have raced with in the past, and made new friends.

Having fun with your teammates and dogs is what it is all about.  Watching each other’s successes and happy moments can’t get much better than that.  

We had two teams at this event:
 Warp Speed Woofers
 Mia; Katch; Nugget; Schotzie (back up: Jenny; Tucker)

 Flying Snowflakes
 Tucker; Katch; Pebbles; Gypsy (back up:  Jenny; Mia)

Saturday our teams did not place in the top three, but Sunday both teams placed third.  Each team ran against five other teams.  
We had some very exciting, close races.
Total Points Earned:
  1482:  Katch
  1061:  Nugget
  1031:  Mia & Schotzie
   798:  Tucker; Pebbles & Gypsy
   317:  Jenny
 Best Times
 4.376 – Katch                   5.200 - Gypsy
 4.425 – Mia                      5.236 - Jenny
 4.603 – Nugget                 5.791 - Schotzie
 4.759 – Tucker                 6.645 – Pebbles

 Team’s best time:     19.598:  Warp Speed Woofers
                                  22.017:  Flying Snowflakes

    We didn’t have a Stats person, but we did get a few from videos:
In Race 49 – Warp Speed Woofers       
20.214:  Woofers (Lost)
20.145:  Other Team (Won)

20.261:  Woofers (Won)                
20.413:  Other Team (Lost)

20.371:  Woofers (Won)
20.391:  Other Team (Lost)

The team all went in together to buy raffle tickets. And we all won something!  The raffle items were awesome.   
I wanted this couch dog bed – didn’t win, but I got info on it so I could order it.  Shirley won the one Sandy wanted…”pink” stuff….lol.

We had fun taking pictures and videos...i.e., Bonita’s bum; melting snowman; Flying Snowflakes graduating from melting to “SNOWMAN”,
Pebbles sleeping with nose in wires of the crate to hold her head up; raffle winners; Point Board, motel dog pictures; and dinner time fun.  
Sharon (with Sandy’s help) made such a cute little snowman out of things we had laying around our camp.  Very clever!  

Poor Shirley – she got left at the motel parking lot, but Sharon saved her and brought her to field with her.  Gypsy was mad at me…lol.
Newman and Stewart came to watch all the action.  Next time maybe Star and Lightning will join us.

Gypsy and Schotzie were amazing in their positions of the last dog in the line ups …. we had some pretty exciting races where we were shouting and
cheering them on for the wins.  Nugget was his usual fast and consistent self and Cristy did a great job of running him; Jenny did pretty good for a
veteran dog…Sandy just can’t quite retire her yet…lol.   Pebbles likes her new “yellow” balls.   Katch did great – he had to double run, but that was no
problem for him.  Good job Katch!  Tucker and Mia are doing better at getting back over that first jump after wide turns at the box.  But, we have a
plan in place to fix those turns, which will speed them up quite a bit.  Tucker also did better on his recalls to Bonita.  I think Katch did get a little wild
one time chasing balls, but overall Sandy was able to catch Katch.

A huge thank you to Sandy for figuring out all the lineups and seed times, and for hauling all of our flyball equipment and stuff. Thanks to Cristy for
the morning donuts. Thanks to Bonita for boxing and bringing lunch for us and thanks to those that also contributed to our hunger needs.
Cristy, a special thank you to her. Even though Molly is not quite ready to compete, Cristy came to help our team with running Nugget and boxing.

THANK YOU to all my teammates that were able to come. I am so proud of all of you!

                                                                                                                                                                          Linda Watson