Flying Dogs meet Punxsutawney Phil
Hosted by SoCal Frequent Flyers
Lemoore - January 2014

Post Notes for Lemoore – NAFA – February 1 & 2, 2014
Another great weekend of racing!
Thanks to all my teammates that were able to go to Lemoore…
Team members that participated were:  Linda, Sandy, Robbin, Shirley, Pam, Jan, Sharon, Susan and Michelle.  
This was the first time we went to this particular venue.  The inside arena was nice.  New artificial turf to run on – cushioned…so that part was nice.  
We had lots of space for our team.  
This was Suey’s first NAFA Tournament and she did great!

New Titles Earned:
Flyball Master (FM) 5000 points

     Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh) 500 points

     Flyball Dog Excellent (FDX) 100 points

     Flyball Dog (FD) 20 points

We ran four teams on Saturday and three teams on Sunday.
             Hog the Ball:  NV, Paris, Gunner, Nugget
             Heads Up:  Cinch, Kelsy, Sue, Katch
             Fire in the Hole:  Mia, Pebbles, Jenny, Gypsy
             Beat the Heat:  Daphany, Spirit, Schotzie, Phoebe, Zephyr
             Hog the Ball:  NV, Kelsy, Gunner, Spirit
             Heads Up:  Cinch, Suey, Gypsy, Nugget
             Beat the Heat”:  Daphany, Katch, Schotzie, Phoebe, Zephyr

Team Fast Times
             18.565 - Hog the Ball
             21.264 – Heads Up
             22.207 – Fire in the Hole
             23.772 – Beat the Heat

Points Earned
     Saturday, 2/1/14:
Beat the Heat
                     Daphany – 105
                     Spirit –      135
                     Schotzie –  125
                     Phoebe –   135
                     Zephyr –     40
Fire in the Hole
             Mia –          26
             Pebbles –  166
             Jenny -     166
             Gypsy –    166
             Spirit –     100
             Daphany –  40

     Heads Up – 281
             Cinch, Kelsy, Suey, Katch

     Hog the Ball – 432
             NV, Paris, Gunner, Nugget

Sunday, 2/2/14:
Hog the Ball – 576
Heads Up – 231
Beat the Heat
             Daphany:  155
             Katch:      125
             Schotzie:   150
             Phoebe:    155
             Zephyr:      35

Personal Fast Times
NV          3.967
Nugget    4.452
Katch      4.539
Spirit       4.558
Mia         4.560
Cinch      4.583
Paris       4.648
Gunner    4.681
Kelsy       4.737
Gypsy     4.821
Jenny       4.989
Daphany   5.226
Schotzie   5.750
Pebbles    6.180
Zephyr     6.213
Suey        6.250
Phoebe    6.282

Raffle winners:
Linda:  I won a KEURIG Coffee Maker!  I will keep the new one and donate my old one to KCA for our Demos and trials
Susan:  Won a big bag of tennis balls and donated them to the team!  Thank you Susan.  It just so happened we were a little short on tennis balls…we
never ran out, but our ball holder was low.  So donation was very much appreciated and needed.

Friday was Susan’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Susan!  
We had a few challenges this weekend.  While the judges were checking the boxes, they looked at our ball holder and noticed we were using de-
squeaked tennis balls. NAFA rules are that the balls can’t have holes and can’t rattle.  This has always been the rule, but never enforced.  We thought
as long as the ball didn’t squeak we were ok.  But this judge decided to enforce the rule.  So that meant we couldn’t use ANY of our squeaky balls.  Most
dogs were able to adjust to different balls.  But poor Pebbles, just didn’t want to use a different ball.  She did at first, but then the ball must have
come out too fast for her and maybe hurt her mouth…because she later stopped trying to get the ball out of the box.  She would run up to the box –
look at it – and then turn around and run back over the jumps.  So Sharon will now have to work with her to get her back on track with a different ball.  
She found some new balls that we will try out at or next practice.
And then…my Mia decided to go crazy and went all over the place – running into the other lane, etc.  So we pulled her Sat. and didn’t run her Sunday.  
So our back up dogs got put to work.  
A nice thing about this tournament is that each day a vendor came with lunch.  Great hamburgers and tri-tip at a reasonable price.  Yum!
Poor Pam, when it was time to load up our stuff at the end of the tournament….she lost her keys.  We all looked everywhere, but never found them.  
She probably lost them out of her pocket, but it was so dark we weren’t able to find them.  So Tom had to drive up to bring another set of keys.  
Sandy thank you for taking care of all the lineups and coaching us.  You are very much appreciated!  
Overall, it was a fun weekend.  Lots of laughs and fun memories.   
Linda Watson