Las Vegas Baby!

Tailspins Bottoms Up
Standard 4 (2nd place)
Best Time: 21.718

Team Dogs   Points
N V         260
Nugget   370
Tucker   370
Piper     480
Mia       220
Katch    220
5th Annual Rock The West – September 2014

Tailspins, Bottom Ups, had a blast in Las Vegas! Saturday our team placed second and Sunday our
team placed fourth. I think we did fantastic with 3 green dogs and a brand new box loader!
Megan's fiancee, MccLane, boxed for us. He only boxed one practice before he
did great. We earned lots of points. Dogs earned 480 points on Sat. and 400 points on Sunday,
which is very good. Our fastest Team Run Time was 21.14 seconds. Tucker earned his Top Flight
Level II and Level III. Katch earned his Top Flight Excellent, Level II. Mia missed her next title
by five points, but will get it for sure next tournament. NV is working on her Top Flight Premier;
Nugget is working on Top Flight Premier II and Piper is working towards her Top Flight Excellent.

We raced inside in a convention center at the hotel. So we didn't have to drive anywhere for
drinks, food or our motel room. After Saturday races, we walked across the street to the Hard
Rock Cafe to shop and have dinner. The food and drinks were sooooo good. Such a fun evening.
Our Teammates also won lots of good raffle prizes.

Tailspins Bottoms Up
Standard 5 (4th place)
Best Time: 21.114

Team Dogs   Points
N V         160
Nugget   235
Tucker   400
Piper     400
Mia       150
Katch    255