Post Notes:
“Go Nuts with Mutts VIII”
Mutts N Motion – Fresno
April 18 & 19, 2015
Post Notes:
Tailspins had a great time in Fresno.  We love this venue.  Mutts N Motion always puts on a nice
tournament.  They had a great Potluck on Saturday after the races and as always a great
opportunity drawing for prizes.  We especially enjoyed their little video.  It was so clever and
cute.  I wonder how they will be able to top that next time.
We ran three teams on both Saturday and Sunday.  
Saturday, April 18, 2015
In a Nut Shell (Standard):  Tucker, Nugget, Katch, Piper (backup Schotzie and Phoebe)
Going Nuts (Standard): Mia, Jenny, Pebbles, Gypsy (backup Molly and Torino)
Mixed Nuts (Variety):  Mia, Torino, Tucker, Schotzie (backup Phoebe and Nugget)

Sunday, April 19, 2015
In a Nut Shell (Standard):  Nugget, Katch, Torino, Piper (Backup Schotzie and Tucker)
Going Nuts (Standard):  Mia, Jenny, Pebbles, Molly (Backup Phoebe)
Mixed Nuts (Variety):  Mia, Torino, Tucker, Schotzie (backup Phoebe and Nugget)
In a Nut Shell placed third and Saturday and Sunday placed first.
Going Nuts placed second on Saturday and Sunday placed third.
Mixed Nuts placed second on Sunday.
Molly ran her first singles on Saturday and her first Team on Sunday.  Yay Molly!  She did
absolutely fantastic.  On April 19, 2015 Molly earned her Top Flight title!  Congratulations!

The most exciting thing about this tournament was all about Cristy and Molly.  

All of our teams had some really close races.  Lots of good clean runs.  So much fun!
Cristy also ran Sandy’s dog, Nugget.  They are a great team.  Kyleigh, Victoria’s daughter, joined
us in all the fun.  She ran Torino for Victoria so she could run Piper on Saturday, as Megan was
busy on Sat. having fun at the Marconi and Cheese festival. We missed Megan Saturday, but we
all enjoyed having her back with us on Sunday, as “Mrs. Hill”.   Kyleigh did a fantastic job of
running Torino and she also jumped right in there and did all kinds of jobs for us – boxing – stats
– shagging – whatever we needed, she was there.  Thank you Kyleigh.  We hope to see you again
at some of our future tournaments.

Mia and Tucker ran double.  They slowed down a bit on Sunday, but overall did a good job of
helping out two teams.  We had 12 team dogs, 2 single dogs and nine handlers.  Lightning was
supposed to run pre-flight, but alas…she came into heat and I was not able to bring her.  Molly
ran her first singles with Phoebe and did great.  Molly did great on her first team run.  She was
able to keep focused with all the distractions of a tournament.   Molly was a little leery of that
flying red flag.  That was new to her along with the judge’s whistle, but she was able to get
through it.

Sunday we all wore our new cute tournament t-shirts for our team group picture.

A big thank you to all my teammates that was able to come – Sandy, Shirley, Bonita, Sharon,
Cristy, Victoria, Megan and Kyleigh.
Fun times for sure….
    ~Linda Watson~

Molly – 105 points for Top Flight

Mia – Earned 1805 points at this
tournament – her all time high
points earned for one weekend!
She earned her
Top Flight Executive Level II

Gypsy - Top Flight Executive

Schotzie –Top Flight Executive

Pebbles – Top Flight Executive
Level II

Tucker – Top Flight Executive
Level I        

Nugget – Top Flight Executive
Premier Level III


Molly        105
Phoebe      145
Jenny        790
Gypsy        895
Pebbles      895
Piper         985
Katch        1080
Torino       1195
Nugget       1225
Schotzie    1440
Tucker        1725
Mia              1805

     Mixed Nuts:  20.459
     In a Nut Shell:  20.716
     Going Nuts:  21.771

4.328        Katch
4.421      Nugget
4.692            Mia
4.823        Torino
4.918        Tucker
4.997         Gypsy
5.289         Jenny
5.338        Phoebe
5.465     Schotzie
6.176          Piper
6.207       Pebbles
6.421          Molly
Go Nuts with Mutts VIII
- April 18 & 19 2015
A picture is worth a thousand words!
Congratulations to Cristy and Molly!
First Team Run in a Tournament
Molly earned her Top Flight Title!